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The five people you meet in corporate hell according to Marlon James Sales June 12, 2007

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By: Marlon James Sales
To Read the full article visit -> http://www.clickthecity.com/citysense/?p=378

1. The Buzz-er. Had this person not been in your company, you’re very sure that s/he would be writing a gossip column for a tabloid. S/he is far more effective than any employee’s manual there could ever be for s/he peppers her orientation with the juicy details on who slapped who, who slept with whom, whom to cling to just in case, etc. Of course, expect that s/he would dig up on your personals as well, so that the next time s/he would orient a new employee, s/he has you as the new specimen. S/he loves a chaotic workplace for more chismis are generated in chaos.

2. The Dominator/The Dominatrix. You secretly suspect that s/he has a thing for sadomasochism for s/he simply loves domineering people. S/he may not be the Top Guy or Top Gal, but when it comes to planning and brainstorming, s/he always has the final say. This type has an impenetrable skull; reasoning is futile. S/he wants this done this way, and s/he expects it to be done this way. And you should be wary: s/he can always ask you suddenly to do overtime on a Friday evening just when you’re ready to meet your date–or worse, slap you with an insubordination complaint.

3. The Credit Grabber. Of all the lowlifes the Omnipotent created, s/he occupies the abysses. S/he always has the chutzpah (the plain ol’ kapal ng mukha) to brag on successes that, more often than not, are the group’s achievement. No meeting passes by without him or her referring to his training here, her diploma there, his endeavors here, her glowing records there. But the one thing that really gets on the nerves is the fact that s/he is almost always the first one to cower in fear or blame his/her colleagues when the project didn’t succeed. In the world of the Credit Grabber, s/he is the only one without mistakes. All the rest are mortal sinners.

4. The Sloth. Everyplace has The Sloth, I guess. S/he reports to work a millisecond before the official time. After logging in, s/he would most likely spend the next 30 minutes to an hour munching on snacks, fixing himself/herself, reading the newspaper, greeting everyone in the office, calling up people, texting…the list goes on. The next hour would be spent in checking and sending the e-mails, surfing the Net, talking to people, and inquiring on all personal matters through the company phone. Thirty minutes before break time, s/he is already preparing to go. At around 4PM, just when everyone else is ready to call it a day, s/he would notice what’s left to be done and would cram. Unfortunately, you’re obliged to cram with him/her.

5. The Ho-hum. While most people seem adversarial, s/he apparently exudes a positive vibe. That is, up until you get to talk to him/her. Immediately after striking a conversation with the Ho-hum, you get the sense that the Makati traffic jam is much more exciting. S/he doesn’t generally know how to talk in polysyllables, but when s/he does, the weather or the color of paperclips is the topic of choice. You try bringing up other “normal” topics: your crush, your favorite restaurant, the game you watched the night before, the sex video you saved in your mobile, but there’s a distinct danger that s/he would go over the edge and start talking about statistics, figures, blah-blah-blah-blah-blah. S/he is also called The Wuss.

To Read the full article visit -> http://www.clickthecity.com/citysense/?p=378


1. Marlon - September 5, 2007

Thanks for blogging about this! Cheers!

2. Rommel - September 15, 2007

no prob.. its a good article… 🙂 apir!!!

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