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For Free SMS or Txt messaging use Chikka Messenger August 31, 2007

Posted by zoul1380 in Application, chikka, desktop, Free SMS, Instant Messenger, Messenger, TXT.

Are you addicted to txt (text) messaging and want to do it for free? introducing Chikka Messenger. Chikka Messenger is out for quite some time now maybe 3-4yrs ago. anyway back then you can only SMS or txt people from the Philippines but now you can also SMS or txt your relative living or working abroad.

Chikka Messenger is really a useful application to have on your desktop SMS anyone anytime.. and now Chikka messenger is also available all you MAC/Linux(Chikka Java Lite) User out there… and chikka messenger also have a Web Messenger version. Using chikka web messenger you can also use it to login to your Yahoo Messenger(YM), Google Talk(GTalk), MSN, ICQ, and AOL.. (Just Like Meebo without the free SMS Feature)…

anyway to Download Chikka Messenger here are the Links….

Instead using Chikka Messenger Javalite i suggest use the new Chikka Messenger for Web



1. wella - December 2, 2008

i dnt know how to begin using it

2. Bong - February 1, 2009

Good to be connected with Chikka.

3. henry - June 17, 2009

it’s look a great.

4. maui - September 7, 2009

how to use chikka.. how to send txt with my frends…..

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