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Prison Break November 25, 2007

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Prison Break Season 3 will resume airing on January! Why is this? I’m wondering maybe this is due to the writer’s strike.

January 14, 2008 (8/7pm): Episode 3.09 – Boxed In
January 21, 2008 (8/7pm): Episode 3.10 – Dirt Nap
January 28, 2008 (8/7pm): Episode 3.11 – Under and Out
*italics represent unconfirmed air dates & episodes


Inventors Dreams June 16, 2007

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Here at my room one evening thinking of what to do because all the TV series that I’m watching ended 2-3 weeks ago (Prison Break, 24 and Heroes) well its kinda boring doing nothing or you can say watching nothing so i tried to find another series to watch. then i stumbled upon a TV Reality Series named “American Inventor” they are already in their 2nd season. I’ve tried downloading the 1st episode of season 2 ., after watching the 1st episode i can say that I’ve been hooked up immediately :)..

I think having this reality tv series here in the Philippines would help lots of inventor. It’s a great series watch it..

if you want to watch the 1st 2 episode of AMERICAN INVENTOR
download this using a torrent client:
American Inventor Season 2 Episode 1
American Inventor Season 2 Episode 2

From Wiki:

American Inventor is a reality television series based on a search for America’s best inventor. It was conceived by UK entrepreneur Peter Jones, who appears on the somewhat similar British program Dragon’s Den, and produced by Jones alongside Simon Cowell and the producers of American Idol. Airing on ABC, it premiered on March 16, 2006. Janusz Liberkowski, with his invention the Anecia Safety Capsule, was declared the first season’s winner in a live episode May 18, 2006. The second season premiered on June 6, 2007 and will be on at 9pm on Wednesday nights.

Twelve inventors and their products are chosen from a pool of hundreds by four judges. The 12 semi-finalists are broken down into four groups of three, with each episode focusing on a different group of three. Each of the three semi-finalists in each group receives $50,000 to improve their inventions and compete to become one of the four finalists. In the show’s live finale, the four finalists present a 30-second commercial advertisement for their product, with the home audience voting by phone for the winner. The winner receives $1,000,000 worth of business support, entrepreneurial counsel, physical resources, and prize money.